Flailbot hire for ditch and verge maintenance

Ditch your mower and let a Flailbot do the hard work

As the landowner, you need to keep your farm in top condition. It may be a long term project that will require consistent and repeat visits. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a flailbot company that is experts at providing this service. This saves you the time and hassle of finding the right company to hire and gives you a consistent result. Hiring a Flailbot will keep your farm and property in the best condition for years to come so you can relax knowing it has been completed correctly.

When to use a flailbot to facilitate your farm work

There are many needs for hiring Flailbot for land clearing, ditch cleaning, fence cutting and more. Before you hire an operator, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the most common uses and situations where a flailbot will be the most effective.

Hiring a flailbot for your agricultural field maintenance will help you solve one of the challenges of landowning. By renting an agricultural flailbot to top and mow weeds, you can keep your ditch management under control. Ditches provide small waterways for drainage, and keeping them clear helps keep the overall quality of the land high.

Hiring a flailbot is the solution for narrow depressions in agricultural fields. It has been designed to deliver high performance and durability consistently. At the same time, its flexibility, manoeuvrability and agility gives it a level of efficiency that any other tractor-mounted machine cannot match. This will significantly empower farmers to complete their work with accuracy and ensure optimum effectiveness.

Hiring a flailbot for your property allows you to clear ditches and drainage channels quickly and effectively. As the flailbot is completely remote-controlled, it uses a fully rotating rotor equipped with various attachments to suit your needs, to generate both lift and horizontal cutting action.

In addition to ditch clearing and channel maintenance, Flailbot’s can be used on inclined terrain of up to 55% when operated by an experienced operator. Having this ability can save time for farmers and is also safer due to not having to manually operate a tractor to try and reach those difficult areas.

Size Matters – which flailbot is most appropriate for your agricultural needs?

As with many types of agricultural machinery, there are various sizes of flailbot depending on the work that needs to be completed around your agricultural land.

Sizeable agricultural land with work spanning a more prominent space would appropriately suit a more substantial machine. Able to clear unwanted vegetation, complete all ditch maintenance and support field boundaries, a Flailbot can make an incredible difference in a short space of time, leaving you free to complete other necessary tasks before the season starts.

Ditch maintenance is an integral part of maintaining your land, and it’s often the most difficult challenging landowners face. Due to their often steep incline, treacherous drops and built up unwanted vegetation, a flailbot is not only a more straightforward option but a safer one as well. Being able to stay a safe distance from the ditch and machine whilst still controlling it effectively will leave your field boundaries looking in tip-top condition, without the potential for injury!

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Topping and Hedge cutting services that go well with flailbot hire

Often going hand in hand, hedge cutting and topping can sit nicely alongside flailbot usage, ensuring your land is fully operational at all times. By employing hedge cutting in late autumn, is sure to promote healthy growth during the springtime and encourage tree preservation. Particularly useful when using your land for livestock, hedges create an impenetrable barrier to protect your animals and keep them in designated areas.

When your land backs onto a public highway, it is even more essential to ensure that your hedges are kept healthy and well maintained, not to impede any drivers or pedestrians. Failure to do this may result in rugged terrain that may not be safe to walk along if connected to a busy road, as well as further damage to any oversized branches caught by passing cars.

Hill View Farm offers a range of machinery to suit your requirements

Before your first flailbot hire, ask your contractor to provide you with a copy of their insurance to confirm it covers flailbot hire. Find out if they have appropriate flailbot hire training and qualifications (i.e. IRATA Gold Card).

Farming for over 40 years, Hill View Farm has an incredible amount of farming and agricultural services experience. With a range of equipment ready for you to hire, our expert team will support you with a wide range of services, including flailbot hire and operator assistance. If you are looking for an easier way to complete the work needed on your land, why not get in touch with Hill View Farm today and see how they can help lighten the load.