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We know you feel it – that chill to the air early in the morning and later into the evening. Time to wrap up warm, particularly if you are supporting your horses before and after work. Not only is the chill in the air, but the pumpkins are back in the shops! It’s Halloween month, and it brings those beautifully vibrant orange pumpkins that are perfect for soups, warm dishes and decorating our homes. But are there other benefits of pumpkins that our horses could be missing out on? This month, Hill View Farm take a look into pumpkins, whether they are safe for our horses to consume, and the health benefits they could bring.

Pumpkins – horse trick or treat

Halloween – associated with fancy dress, scary costumes and more sweets than will ever fit into your cupboard. The best bit for many, though, when it comes to Halloween is being able to carve that pumpkin, fill it with tea lights and place it outside your home for all to see. For horse owners, however, pumpkins can offer so much more than a decoration outside their home. This vegetable provides an incredible amount of health benefits to horses and is perfect for a low sugar and low-fat snack for all horses. Pumpkins – definitely a treat for horses in our books!

If your horse is new to trying pumpkin and you are keen to get this into your diet, we suggest acting slowly at first. Add small amounts to your horses feed to ensure they like the taste of it before overloading their bucket with the orange coloured vegetable!

Pumpkin nutrition for your horses

Let’s take a look at all the things that pumpkins have to offer – the list is (almost) endless!


Now we know orange pumpkin is safe for your horses to eat; let’s find out about the health benefits of adding it to your horses’ food. Overall, pumpkin is generally healthy – low in sugars and fats and with a good amount of potassium in each cup (around 4g). The potassium is great for your horses – within their hay, they receive around 8g of potassium per cup.

If your horse has a metabolic disorder, including high blood sugar, due to the health benefits pumpkins offer, they are still a safe bet to provide your horse – even if they are on a restricted diet. Along with the high levels of potassium, pumpkins have a variety of vitamins and minerals, including:

  • Carotene
  • Fibre
  • Calcium
  • Vitamins A, E, B3, B9

Don’t forget, provide only orange coloured pumpkins to your horses – other types of pumpkin could be toxic to your hoses and lead to various illnesses and complications with their gut.

Pumpkin Flesh

Pumpkin is a great healthy treat for horses that leaves them feeling fuller for longer and less likely to snack on high sugar / high fat treats throughout the day. Horses generally love the sweet flavour that a pumpkin brings them, and as owners we love the low sugar content!

Cut your pumpkin up into chunks to make it easier for your horses to munch on and ensure that you have removed the pumpkin’s stem as this could cause issues or injury to your horse’s throat and stomach – particularly If it gets lodged or scratches on the way down.

Pumpkin Skin and seeds

It would appear that there is no end to the pumpkins health benefits, including the skin and seeds of the pumpkin. There is no need to peel the pumpkin before handing it over. The skin has excellent health benefits and is full of vitamins and minerals, perfect for your horse.

The seeds themselves are considered to have anti-parasitic properties that are great for our horses with worm issues that standard worming medications cannot tackle. The seeds themselves also carry vitamins and minerals perfect for your horse and can either be given straight from the pumpkin or roasted as an extra special treat.

Pumpkin recipes from Hill View Farm

We have so many favourite recipes to choose from that your horses will love, but we have managed to whittle it down to three – check out our top 3 choices below and let us know what you and your horses think!

Pumpkin poppies homemade horse treats from Love the Energy

Roasted pumpkin seeds from simply recipes

Halloween Horse Mash from Helpful Horse Hints

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