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We offer a range of agricultural fencing including post-and-rail fencing, chestnut pailing, stock fencing and security wire products.

As commercial fencing contractors, we can offer a full range of agricultural fencing solutions for landowners, farmers and Equestrian customers.

Agricultural fencing helps to secure land, protect livestock and delineate field boundaries. It divides the land for different uses and enables grazing rotation.

Hill View Farm has over 35 years of experience in the installation and repair of agricultural fencing in Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties. We can also supply and install galvanised metal gates for access to fields and paddocks, as well as kissing gates for public footpaths.

If you have any further questions about Paddock Maintenance, Muck Away or Equestrian Fencing services, please contact Hill View Farm on: 01296 613559

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Agricultural Fencing services

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    Agricultural Stock Fencing

    As a practical and economical solution, stock fencing is widely used on agricultural land. Our team can supply mild steel stock fencing, however, we recommend high tensile netted wire as it is tighter and needs minimal maintenance.

    Stock fencing is supported by posts every 3-4 meters. We are equipped to drive these deep into the ground in order to give strength and durability to the fencing. In addition, strainers are positioned every 50m.

    Stock fencing can be topped with tensile or barbed wire for added security. We also offer the option of creosoted posts, which will extend the lifespan by 10- 15 years.

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    Post & Rail Fencing

    Post and rail fencing combines the practical and aesthetic and is often used in the immediate vicinity of the farmhouse, along driveways and the roadside. It is common for stock fencing to be incorporated into post and rail fencing and rabbit wires to form a less penetrable barrier.

    Our team will typically position the timber posts every 1.8m. We have the equipment to drive them deep into the soil for stability. This is preferable to using concrete, which impacts on the longevity of the post. Three, four or five vertical bar rails are then attached to create the fencing.

    A range of finishes can be applied to post and rail fencing, including creosote. This will provide added protection from the elements, which greatly extends the lifespan.

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    Equestrian Fencing

    The perimeter of a paddock is often fenced with a post and rail solution. In the fields, it is more common for high-tensile wire equestrian fencing to be used.

    Unlike standard stock fencing, equestrian fencing has smaller gaps in the wire. This is designed to prevent hooves from being caught in the wire. In addition, equestrian fencing has no sharp edges. It is a durable, low maintenance fencing solution, which is installed in much the same way as stock fencing.

    Our experienced team can supply and install equestrian fencing and post and rail fencing for your paddocks and horse fields.

    Contact Us today to discuss ourEquestrian Fencing services:

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