flailbot hire

safer and easier solution for maintaining boundaries

Flailbot Hire for Ditch and verge Maintenance

Machine and machines provided

Reach awkward ditches and verges

A machine for all terrains and types

Reach drainage channels

Across Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire

Remotely-controlled flailbot hire

Flailbot hire will help solve one of the challenges of agricultural field maintenance which is cutting and clearing narrow depressions in the land, including ditches and drainage channels. These areas are inaccessible to the standard equipment used for topping and mowing.

In addition to being narrow, banks and verges can be incredibly steep. Some farmers will attempt to cut steep banks and verges with smaller sit on power mowers. In some situations, these can prove effective, yet the position the driver at a precarious angle and there is a risk of the vehicle and driver toppling into the ditch.

If you are looking for a safer and easier solution for maintaining boundaries and verges, Hill View Farm offers remotely-controlled flailbot hire, accompanied by an experienced operator. Our flailbot services are provided to farmers, landowners and councils across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Flailbot Services for Ditch and Verge Maintenance

It is important to clear vegetation to prevent ditches and watercourses from becoming clogged up. Regular maintenance is also a vital strategy in preventing the seeding and spread of weeds. This is where our Flailbot services come into their own.

Flail bots are remotely controlled cutters, which have been designed to perform in steep and inaccessible areas. They may be small, but with 40hp, they offer high-performance cutting in the toughest conditions. With a competent operator, they can work at up to a 55-degree angle. Maintaining those hard to reach areas of your land has never been easier.

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    Flailbot hire for ditch and verge maintenance
    reaching inaccessible areas compared to standard mowing equipment

    Maintenance for awkward banks and verges

    Hill View Farm’s Flailbots hire covers the cost of a well-maintained, remotely-controlled machine and a competent operator. Together they will ensure that the boundaries, verges and ditches on your Buckinghamshire farm or Oxfordshire estate are properly cut and maintained.

    As providers of comprehensive agricultural services, Hill View Farm are typically asked to provide Flailbot Hire services alongside our Topping and Hedge Cutting services. We have the machinery and experienced team to make farming and land ownership a little easier.

    If you have any questions about the Flailbot hire in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire call Hill View Farm on 01296 613559.

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