Professional gritting services

Protect your rural roads this winter with professional gritting services

The winter weather is kicking in quickly in the South East of England. We are sure at least some of you will have had to clear the frost and ice off your vehicles this week and many of us are wrapping up warm when out in the fields on those early mornings. One thing all agricultural contractors should be considering is whether the rural roads surrounding their farmland will be gritted by the local council this year or whether professional gritting services should be brought in to support.

This month, Hill View Farm take a look at the professional gritting services they can offer and the benefits of monitoring the weather forecast and precautionary gritting to keep you and your farm teams safe.

Keep your roads free of ice and snow in 2021

During the autumn and winter months, slips, trips and falls increase due to the conditions of roads and pathways. Leaves fall to the ground where they become wet and slippery, severe weather brings icy conditions and snow which builds upon paths and the road network is prioritised depending on bus routes, busiest roads and access routes. Unfortunately, this often means that many rural roads can be left untreated, resulting in dangerous areas that road users have to navigate.

Often, ice-covered pathways are most likely to be the cause of slips and trips during the winter months. Pathways are of course heavily used by pedestrians (whether they are farmworkers or visitors to the site). Other areas you will want to monitor for icy conditions are:

  • Building entrances and exits (to all buildings or infrastructure on-site)
  • Car parks
  • Shortcuts and sloped areas

These areas are often left untreated and can cause serious injuries to those working or visiting the area.

Luckily, landowners and farm managers can enlist the help and support of professional gritting services provided by private companies that specialise in gritting rural roads and farm access routes. Hill View Farm have been supporting farm owners and private businesses to keep their roads and pathways safe for many years and with our knowledge, machinery and manpower we can help keep even the biggest of sites safe over the winter months.

Your district council may not grit every road in your area

As we will all know from using the roads during icy conditions, the council professional gritting services are often out from the early hours until late in the evening ensuring that public roads, routes to schools and bus routes are prepared for the incoming ice that has been forecasted. Unfortunately, this means that whilst the major roads are being kept as safe as possible, alternative routes, rural roads and access routes are often left untreated due to only a minority of traffic that uses the route.

Buckinghamshire council gritting routes work in order of priority and will always focus on roads that carry the greatest amount of traffic. Whilst they will try to support other areas, this is often left until last and only if they have the resources like rock salt to support. Grit bins are also filled and are often placed at points where gritting may be difficult or trouble spots. These of course come with their own problems – we are sure we have all looked in a gritting bin at some point to find the salt congealed with water, dust and debris – not conducive to successful gritting!

The benefits of professional gritting services

If you are a private landowner, rural business or farm manager, there can be many benefits to working with professional gritting services like those from Hill View Farm including:

  • Proactive services – Hill View Farm continually monitor the weather forecasts to ensure we can provide proactive professional gritting services at all times. We don’t wait until the last minute before deciding to grit your rural roads, we will be with you as soon as we know there is a potential for ice to arrive.
  • Access to emergency services at all times – It’s an unfortunate truth that there are often accidents and injuries whilst working on farmland due to the heavy machinery and tasks that have to be carried out. Don’t leave emergency services to battle through your icy roads if they need to get to you – ensure that all access routes are gritted and safe to travel on.
  • Services provided by experienced farm workers – Hill View Farm is a working farm and has been for many years. That’s why we have the knowledge and experience to support other farmers in the best way with our professional gritting services. We know where to grit and how to support you and your farm in the best way.
  • Protection for all staff and visitors – Ensure your site and access routes are safe and accessible to all your staff and visitors by proactively gritting the areas used.
  • No loss to business income or trade – keep your roads and routes clear with professional gritting services so you can continue to run your business, take your products to local shops and towns and continue to make an income.
  • Access to main town and shops – often, those who live and work on rural roads are cut off during the winter – don’t let that happen to you and your team. Proactively grit your roads and routes with professional gritting services from Hill View Farm.

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Hill View Farm provide professional gritting services to rural locations

With primary routes taken care of by your local council, you may need support with rural villages,  private roads and access roads. That’s where Hill View Farm are here to support. The winter weather doesn’t stop us from supporting those businesses and farm managers who will feel the full force of adverse weather conditions. Using heavy tractors and gators, we have access to tonnes of salt and even offer snow clearing operations when you need it.

Call upon Hill View Farm for all your professional gritting services. You will find a friendly team of experienced farm workers who are not afraid of the weather conditions and will always be on hand to keep you and your livestock safe.

For more information about the services we provide, check out our web pages or give the team a call – they will be more than happy to support you with what you are looking for.