Hay and straw for sale

Aylesbury Vale Home Produce

Hay and Straw for Sale

Hay, Straw & Haylage

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Aylesbury Vale Home Produce

Grown and baled in Buckinghamshire


Having Hay and straw for sale means that Hill View Farm takes care and attention when growing, harvesting and storing crops. Our long-established processes ensure that we are reliable suppliers of hay, straw and haylage.

Hay and straw for sale is primarily used for livestock feed and bedding. We fulfil the requirements of small holdings through to sizable commercial farms by providing small bales, in addition to large haulage supplies. Our standard hay bales are also used for seating at countryside events and if preferred, we offer a hay bale hire service.

If you have any further questions about Hay and straw for sale, please contact Hill View Farm on 01296 871047.

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    hay and straw for sale
    Delivered across Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire

    Quality Hay, Straw & Haylage

    Hay Bales

    We supply small and conventional baled hay, largely for horse and livestock feed. Timing is essential when it comes to cutting the grass for hay. The entire plant is cut, dried to minimise the moisture content and tightly baled. This produces a fibrous and nutritious feed when animals are unable to get outside and graze.

    Contact Us today to discuss our hay bales:

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    Meadow Hay

    Meadow hay is cut from common pasture. The process is largely the same as for our conventional baled hay. The difference is that meadow hay contains a mix of grass species, along with other native edible plants. We primarily supply meadow hay for horses and rabbit feed, where it adds variety to the diet.

    Contact Us today to discuss our Meadow Hay:

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    MOBILE:07593 562664


    Harrowing rakes through the pasture to remove thatch, dead grasses, moss and weeds. This greatly increases the levels of light and air that is available to new shoots. The process promotes the growth of fresh pasture. Harrowing has to be well-timed, as it is best to avoid overly wet or dry conditions.

    It is recommended as an annual maintenance task during the spring. If your pastures have not been harrowed for some time and the sward is dense, we can adjust the angles on the tines in order to intensify the process.

    Contact Us today to discuss our Haylage:

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    MOBILE:07593 562664

    Wheat Straw

    Containing just the stalk of the wheat crop, straw should be used to provide comfortable bedding for livestock, rather than feed. As bedding, wheat straw is warm and absorbent. It is also economical, which is important when you are covering the floor of large stables and barns. We supply small and conventional baled straw. We can also hire straw bales for weddings and events.

    Contact Us today to discuss our wheat straw:

    OFFICE: 01296 871047

    MOBILE:07593 562664

    Barley Straw

    Barley straw is best known for its ability to inhibit algae growth in ponds. There is also evidence to show that it is an effective, organic weed killer when applied as a mulch. A good covering can be applied to allotment plots during winter. It is said to clear the site of couch grass, creeping buttercup, ground elder and other weeds. Avoid using on lawns, as it will have the same effect on grass.

    Contact Us today to discuss our Barley straw:

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