Hedge Cutting with tractor

For landowners, farmers and Councils

Rural hedge cutting services and equipment

expert precision from an experienced operator

We operate a policy of wild life protection

We provide equipment and fully insured operator

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    As farmers we understand rural hedge cutting needs

    Flail trimming of field hedges, estate hedge rows and garden hedges

    Hedge Cutting with tractor and an experienced operator for farms, large estates and equestrian centres assuming there is suitable access.

    Hedges provide natural agricultural boundaries. Late autumn hedge cutting helps to promote healthy growth in spring. This ensures that the hedges remain a dense and impenetrable barrier to protect your land and livestock.

    Our experienced team make use of side arm flail machines to provide a neat, healthy cut. Our services keep your agricultural hedges looking tidy and this reduces the risk of damage that is caused when oversized vehicles hit overgrown branches. Our hedge cutting with tractor service will help ensure your hedgerows and borders are kept healthy and well maintained.

    Farm field hedge cutting services

    Need a Hedge Cutting with tractor ? The team at Hill View Farm in Buckinghamshire have well-maintained hedge cutting equipment, coupled with decades of farming experience. We are fully insured and have Public Liability for operating our hedge cutting equipment within your fields and along the roadside.

    As the neat edge is formed, the cuttings are distributed back into the hedgerow. They will act as mulch; returning nutrients to the soil and acting as a weed suppressant.

    Hedge Cutting with tractor
    For farms, landowners and councils

    Hedge Cutting with tractor

    As with the majority of tree and shrub pruning, hedge cutting should be ideally be undertaken in late autumn. At this point in the calendar, the risk of disturbing nesting birds and wildlife has passed and freshly cut branches are unlikely to be damaged by frosts. Hill View Farm work in compliance with Section 40 of the Wildlife Acts 1976, which prohibit hedge cutting between 1 March and 31 August.

    Our reliable hedge cutting services are provided to fellow farmers, landowners and Councils in the areas surrounding Aylesbury, Thame and Oxford. Can we take this time-consuming job off your hands?

    To complement hedge cutting, we can offer verge, watercourse and ditch maintenance with our remote-controlled Flailbot services. In addition, Autumn is the ideal time for us to undertake reseeding as part of your field maintenance requirements.

    To find out more about our Hedge cutting with tractor service in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire call Hill View Farm on 01296 613559.