Hillview Farm History


Hill View Farm Agricultural Contrators

Hill View Farm is a long-standing family business based in the heart of Buckinghamshire. The three partners are Mr & Mrs Carr and son Tom Carr. We have been running the farm for over 40 years, undertaking all of the daily tasks required to keep our cattle, horses, land and machinery in prime condition.

As sgricultural contrators, our location, 15 minutes outside Aylesbury means that we are easily able to support farms, equestrian centres, large estates, councils and landowners across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire.


Agricultural services delivered with pride

In many ways, we are traditional in our approach, but this is underpinned by an entrepreneurial spirit. As with many farmers, we soon realised the need for diversification in order to earn a livelihood from the land. With the necessary experience and equipment, we began offering agricultural services to other farmers, landowners, horse yards and country estates over 35 years ago.


Agricultural contrators

The farm has grown in our hands, with the construction of an extensive hay barn. This ensures that we can provide favourable storage conditions for our hay and straw bales. With this facility, we are able to meet our own needs, as well as being a reliable Buckinghamshire supplier of hay and straw bales.

Other out-buildings have also been added to the farm. These were put to good use when Tom set up the Energy Generators hire and sale business on site.

We have also grown our team and now have dedicated agricultural contrators helping us to manage Hill View Farm, our agricultural services and the generator business. As a team, our heart is in applying our first-hand experience of farming to support the rural community.


For Buckinghamshire and Beyond

Skilled Agricultural contrators

Due to our location in the heart of Buckinghamshire, we are ideally positioned to provide agricultural services across the Home Counties. From bale hire for Oxfordshire weddings and paddock maintenance in Hertfordshire, to stock fencing in Bedfordshire, Hill View Farm is just a phone call away: 01296 613559 or mobile 07593 562664