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Agricultural Field Maintenance

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Paddock maintenance, field, grass and pasture services

Regular paddock maintenance is essential for maximising land productivity. Hill View Farm has invested in modern machinery and, coupled with our experienced team, we are fully equipped to provide efficient and economical agricultural services.

Field maintenance is most effective when carried out in spring and autumn. Our services will promote the growth of nutritious grazing pastures whilst suppressing weeds and levelling the land.

As a long-standing farming family, with over 35 years of providing agricultural services in Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties, we bring rural expertise, as well as well-maintained equipment, to your door.

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    paddock maintenance
    Across Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire


    Pasture and Paddock Topping

    Paddock maintenance is undertaken in the spring, topping cuts down weeds before they have gone to seed and spread. It also cuts long, tough grass and stimulates the growth of new shoots. The cuttings are broken down into mulch, which rots down and reintroduces nutrients into the soil.

    Annual topping helps to keep pastures and paddocks in great condition. This service can also be used to return overgrown land into a manageable condition. If your pastures and paddocks include ditches, watercourses, verges and other areas which are inaccessible to topping equipment, we can recommend our Flailbot services.

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    Muck Spreading

    Fertilisers offer a natural way to replenish the nutrients in the soil to promote plant growth and aid the recovery of the land after over-grazing. Our experienced farming team will select a suitable fertiliser depending on the livestock. For paddocks, we will opt for a low nitrogen option.

    Our equipment is designed to provide a good distribution of fertiliser across the pasture. Muck spreading results in greener fields, filled with a thick cover of palatable grass for livestock. Harrowing after muck spreading can further aid the even distribution of fertiliser.

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    Pasture and Paddock Harrowing

    Harrowing rakes through the pasture to remove thatch, dead grasses, moss and weeds. This greatly increases the levels of light and air that is available to new shoots. The process promotes the growth of fresh pasture. Harrowing has to be well-timed, as it is best to avoid overly wet or dry conditions.

    It is recommended as an annual maintenance task during the spring. If your pastures have not been harrowed for some time and the sward is dense, we can adjust the angles on the tines in order to intensify the process.

    Field and Paddock Spraying

    Proactive paddock maintenance involves minimising weed growth. Weeds are aggressive competitors for new shoots and lead to poor grazing for livestock. Some species, including Ragwort, Sycamore and Clover are harmful to livestock, especially horses.

    Pulling weeds out of the ground is a time-consuming process and there is the risk that the roots will break off and regrow. As PA1, PA2 and PA6 Accredited sprayers of herbicides and pesticides, our experienced team offer a fast and effective solution. We comply with health and safety regulations, taking care to protect your livestock, watercourses and wildlife.

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    Grass Seeding and Reseeding

    Field spraying is recommended prior to sowing a field. This will minimise the competition for light nutrients and water as new shoots get established. Harrowing typically precedes reseeding and we would recommend rolling follows, to embed seeds into the soil and level the land.

    Our experienced team will consider the soil type, time of year and grazing livestock before undertaking full seeding of ploughed land or reseeding to restore the condition of pasture. In spring, reseeding can rectify the impact of the cold winter climate, including worn pastures and muddy patches around high use areas. The reseeding process can be repeated in the Autumn.

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    Field and paddock rolling

    Rolling is highly recommended after seeding or reseeding pasture. The process pushes the seed into the soil, which provides it with easier access to the moisture and nutrients that are required for germination. Our experienced team will undertake seeding and rolling services to optimise plant growth.

    Rolling can be used after harrowing to push stones back into the ground. It will also level tractor tracks, livestock disturbance and molehills in your agricultural land.

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    Mowing of Paddocks and Pastures

    If you are rotating your livestock to avoid over-grazing, areas of your land may require mowing during the summer months. A plant is designed to grow, set seed and then go dormant. Mowing of paddocks and pastures prior to it setting seed will stimulate further and additional growth. This results in a thicker cover of nutritious grazing.

    It is important not to cut the grass too short, as the plant stores energy in the lower section of the stem. Our experienced team would recommend that grass is left to grow between 3” and 6” in height. The frequency of mowing will be dependent on weather conditions and use.

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    Hay Making Services

    In the unpredictable British weather, haymaking has to be carefully timed and undertaken with speed and efficiency. With decades of experience in haymaking, we can cut, turn, row and bale your crop when optimum conditions prevail.

    From field to barn, our equipment reliably produces bales of consistent density that handle, stock and store well. The result is quality hay for your livestock and customers.

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    Agricultural Water Services

    Livestock, crops and pasture are reliant on a consistent supply of water. Even in Britain, we cannot always depend on regular downpour. Our team have the knowledge and equipment to supply and install water services for irrigation, washdown, slurry movement, livestock and boreholes.

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